The new Sumitomo SH235X-6 – Minimum Swing Radius 25 tonner

SUMITOMO CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY CO.LTD of Chiba, Japan has released a new Minimum Swing Radius Excavator to the Australian Market known as the SH235X-6 which weighs in at 25,000 kg and is the largest MSR model in the New Dash 6 Range.
The ROPS Cabin has been completely redesigned in compliance with ISO 12117-2-2008 and is compliant also with an OPG Top Guard Level 1.
The units have been tailored for the Australian market and will come factory fitted in the following scope:
  • Pressurised Airconditioned Cabin,
  • Double Acting Auxiliary Hydraulics with in Cab Pressure settings for precise operation of hydraulic attachments,
  • Plastic Cell window in roof with sunshade,
  • LCD 7 inch Full Colour Monitor in right hand side console that alerts the operator to any potential issues as well as service intervals,
  • Rear View Camera with the option of 2 side view cameras,
  • 2 Roof Mounted Cabin Operating Lights,
  • HBCV – Hose burst protection on the boom and arm cylinders,
  • ISO Compliant Rearview Mirrors,
  • Sturdy Dozer Blade.
There is an optional FOPS LEVEL 2 HEAD Guard and OPG to Level 2 also available.
For the operator there is a Stylish and Spacious Cabin with short Joy Stick type operating levers, a Reclining Suspension Seat,  Radio and Speaker with MP3 Jack, new Cab suspension mounts to reduce vibration and cabin noise, and an emergency stop switch.
There are 3 operating modes– SP, H, and A which ensure that the machine works efficiently to suit different types of applications and also produces maximum fuel efficiency.
The unit is powered by an Interim Tier 4 Isuzu 4 Cylinder Diesel with an advanced common rail fuel injection system with cooled EGR and a VG (variable geometry) turbo charger that develops 119.3 kW at 1800 rpm and has 3 work modes. This new Generation “SPACE 5+”  Engine System optimises fuel efficiency when coupled with the “SIH:S+” Hydraulic system.
The operating range with the 2.94 arm is a 9.85m digging radius, dig depth of 6.65m and a dump height of 7.97m and the transport dimensions are 9.21 L x 2.99 W x 3.01 H.
An initial shipment of units are due into Brisbane this month and further units will start arriving at the Sydney, Melbourne and Perth branches.
For further Technical Information, you may contact your local Tutt Bryant Equipment Branch at 1300 65 8888 or download a brochure from our website:

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