Tutt Bryant Equipment and Sumitomo unveil the new SH80BS-6A Excavator.

As the adage goes, good things take time, and in this instance the new Sumitomo SH80BS-6A well and truly applies! Taking over three years to design, field test and then go into Production, the new SH80BS-6A is a completely new Machine when compared to its predecessor the SH80-3B.

Featuring a host of new additions, the new SH80BS-6A comes powered by a Common Rail Diesel Isuzu Engine and fully equipped with a ROPS Cabin, HD full colour 7” LCD monitor, and rear view camera. Performance has improved with a 9% increase in Hydraulic pump flow which ensures faster speed, and 5% better fuel economy, all of which is increasingly important to Contractors in today’s competitive market.

The ROPS Cabin, which has Pressurised Air-conditioning meets the Australian and International ISO Standards and is 7% wider with drastically improved visibility due to the increased cab glass area. Sumitomo has designed the SH80-6 to allow for ease of Servicing and they have restructured the control valve position, relocated the fuse box , and provided a external access door to the A/C filter beside the cabin resulting in all Servicing points being accessible from ground level.

The unit comes standard with 450mm steel tracks, a dig depth of 4.67 m, dig radius of 7.56 m, a dump height of 4.85 m and a transport weight of 8570 kg.

For more information or to arrange for inspection of this new model, contact your nearest branch on 1300 658 888 or visit Tutt Bryant Equipment @ tuttbryantequipment.com.au.

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