Proactive maintenance leads to business growth

Australian Earthmoving Magazine News: Queensland-based civil pipework contractors MCQ Group has big plans to increase its footprint of operations, and a new fleet management plan from JCB CEA is playing a key role in making it happen. Established in 1988, MCQ has worked on every type of contract from high-profile, large-scale resource projects to local water infrastructure projects, and have become a preferred contractor for many organisations across the grid. “Working on fast-paced, tight-deadline projects such as those for local or regional water authorities means that there is no room for error,” said Managing Director Craig Althaus. custodia huawei shop “We have to deliver on time and to budget and that means we have to have impeccable business practices, including fleet management.” Through its fleet management arrangement, JCB CEA proactively helps to maintain the MCQ fleet, offers tailored advice on new machinery purchases and schedules work so as not to clash with project requirements. cover custodia samsung The fleet includes three large JCB excavators, one mini excavator, one telehandler, a front end loader and three backhoes. cover custodia samsung “JCB CEA is highly proactive, which is one of the features we most value about them. They liaise directly with our workshop supervisor on topics from maintenance scheduling to managing any emerging fleet issues and updating reporting. cover samsung custodia They’re also happy to work on site to keep our machines up and running, which is very valuable to us. We can have a multitude of people working on any given site and if a machine goes down, we can end up with all of them standing around with nothing to do, which impacts our profitability and our project timelines. We’ve had maintenance scheduled on weekends and during lunch breaks to ensure our equipment is up and working when we need it to be.” Craig said JCB CEA’s proactive approach and relationship building style matches well with MCQ’s own business ethos. “The reason we’ve been successful to date as a business all comes down to our relationships – whether internally with staff, externally with clients, or on a corporate level with business partners, like JCB CEA. Our relationships are what drives projects forward. “We’re also very committed to taking a proactive approach to every aspect of our business, from machinery and maintenance to safety and management structure, and these qualities are also important to JCB CEA. They have taken a very top-down approach in their relationship with us – we can call them any time and they’ll try to solve any problem we have. Communication is very open and the team has done a great job of keeping us up to date on proposed schedules and upcoming JCB product launches.” Craig said JCB CEA has also supported MCQ Group to maintain safety standards above and beyond industry requirements. custodia samsung “Safety is absolutely paramount in our business. Our customers expect and deserve a genuine commitment to safety. For us that includes machine specs that go beyond the bare minimum – we spec our machines above industry standard, like internal and external isolation switches, UHF’s, handrails, etc, and JCB CEA has been central to helping us achieve that.” MCQ Group plans to expand across the country in the next five years. samsung custodia original “The business is taking a more national focus as we continue to win local and regional authority contracts,” he said.

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