Value means product plus service and support

Australian Earthmoving Magazine News:
A successful company is one that delivers value for money to its clients – and receives value for money from its suppliers, according to James Howard from Queensland company Annejeda, which has a fleet of Hyundai machines backed by a service agreement.

Annejeda was founded in Roma more than 30 years ago but has had a particular focus on growth over the past four to five years, particularly in the roadworks, civil construction and gasworks sectors. Projects range from highway flood repair works throughout South West Queensland to partnering with WestRex to create the Jackson Regulated Waste Facility, an integrated site licensed to receive a wide range of regulated wastes from cutting edge coal seam gas developments in the Surat Basin.

Annejeda has about 45 staff across Queensland and a fleet of road trains, including side tippers, high volume side tippers, potable and construction water tankers and vacuum trucks. Among the newest additions to the fleet are six Hyundai wheel loaders and excavators, all purchased since early 2013.

Annejeda’s Hyundai machines include three HL-770-9 wheel loaders, two R380LC-9 excavators and an R320LC-9 excavator. All come with Hyundai’s industry-leading standard full factory warranty, plus James opted to include service contracts with all machines to increase warranty coverage and provide for discounted servicing as well as offering extended free access to Hyundai’s Hi-Mate remote monitoring tool.

The service agreement provides James with additional peace of mind in addition to reducing service costs, and downtime costs are also reduced because the agreement provides for a loan machine when required. Overall, James says the agreement has made life much easier for his team.
“The maintenance contracts have really been beneficial to us and Hyundai has been very proactive. Our Service Manager finds his job a lot easier because there’s good forward planning – Hyundai is in touch with us 100 hours out from a service to schedule it.”

Hi-Mate allows the fleet manager to remotely evaluate machine performance, access diagnostic information and verify machine locations, to increase productivity, save time and increase machine security.

“It’s not possible for me to be everywhere at once, but with Hi-Mate I can easily see what each machine is up to,” James says.

“If a warning light comes on, I get notified on my phone and can see straight away whether it’s been addressed by the operator or if I need to follow it up.”

James says Annejeda’s Hyundai have been trouble-free, helping them deliver customer projects on time and within budget, which is the company’s main priority.

“We chose Hyundai because we wanted value for money,” James says. “Value is about more than price. When you spend on a new machine, you need to know it’s going to work and that you’re going to get great back up”.

“Hyundai is able to provide the kind of service that some of its big name competitors can’t. You get personal support and the gear is right up there, with great cycle times, performance and comfort.”

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