Australian Manufacturer looks to 3D for the future

Australian Manufacturer looks to 3D for the future

Australian Earthmoving Magazine News:
Last week, third-generation Australian manufacturing company Keech Australia launched Keech 3D, an additive manufacturing subsidiary they anticipate will revolutionise the industry in Australia.
The subsidiary was launched at Keech’s purpose-built Quality and Innovation Centre in Bendigo, VIC by company heads and the Victorian Minister for Manufacturing, the Hon. David Hodgett MP.
Keech Australia CEO, Herbert Hermens conveyed his passion and confidence in the technology, saying “Keech 3D Manufacturing opens a world of manufacturing capabilities, saving resources and time not only in our own casting manufacturing processes, but also in the medical, defense and many other industries,” he said.
While Keech doesn’t see advanced manufacturing replacing traditional methods, they see the technology as complimentary, giving them more flexibility and allowing them to become more competitive.
“We we are committed to keeping the manufacturing industry alive in Australia, therefore, we need to look for things that allow us flexibility, profitability, viability and rise to global demand,” said Dr Hermens.
In addition to receiving a Victorian State Government Grant of $141,700 Keech has invested almost $1M in the latest technologies to bring this new subsidiary to life. But their most significant investment, as Dr Hermens stated, is their team.
“We believe our people and their intelligence are invaluable resources. Keech 3D has allowed us not only to employ more people from the Bendigo region, but equally as important, has seen existing staff move up into more prominent roles based on their skill and expertise.”
80-year-old Keech Australia prides themselves on being an innovative company from the very beginning, and Dr Hermens said that is what has propelled them to this point, and will continue to drive them into the future.

“How is it that a business founded on such and ancient technique could become a sponsor of such a new technique called advanced manufacturing? To understand that we only need to look at the history of Keech – a company founded on innovation. Without this drive for innovation and ability to adapt, Keech would not have lasted as long as they have.”
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