Contractor Praises Superior Gear for Project Win

Australian Earthmoving Magazine News: Specialising in doing the finishing and civil work to the Kapiti Expressway plus expected works with the Transmission Gulley project for Goodman Earthmovers, Cottle Contracting has gained a solid reputation in a very short time thanks to their high quality equipment and experienced operators. Seeing an opportunity to offer a specialist service to Goodman Earthmovers, father and son team, Murray & Brent Cottle, decided to form a partnership and invested in a brand new Sumitomo SH225 fitted with the Trimble GPS, Doherty Snaplock+ tilt coupler and 2m wide cleaning bucket. “With the GPS on the digger, it becomes quite a specialised machine,” explains Brent Cottle, co-owner and operator. custodia huawei p smart “Plus Doherty’s gear is far superior. It’s better quality, fast and very reliable.” While they only formed their business partnership in 2014, both Brent and son, Murray, had already started work full time on the Kapiti Expressway last year and put the new Sumitomo to work by mid-January. They now see a good 10 years work ahead of them, crediting the Doherty attachments for helping them to win and retain their contract with Goodman Earthmovers. Brent Cottle can’t give enough praise for the Snaplock+ tilt, explaining his experience on an 800m open drain project south of Palmerston North, “I was changing buckets probably up to 20 times in a day, and so fast – within about 15 seconds. The drain depth started around 3m and, after almost 30,000m3, finished at 6m deep on time and on budget.” Based in New Zealand with a wholly owned subsidiary in Australia, Doherty is one of the few manufacturers globally to offer quick couplers fully-compliant to Australian standard AS4772-208, European EN474 standard, expecting forthcoming ISO international standards and all major contractor policies. cover iphone 6 plus custodia The Snaplock+ key feature is its Dual Pin Locking (DPL) system ensuring attachments remain securely engaged on both pins in the event of loss of engagement force. cover iphone 6 custodia outlet While safety is clearly paramount for this world-leading manufacturer, helping earthmoving contractors to improve their productivity and profitability is also an important goal. cover shop online “The new models of the Snaplock+ Tilt allow operators to simply tilt all attachments rather than having to move the entire machine,” explains managing director, Jeremy Doherty. iphone cover “This improvement in efficiency and versatility naturally results in increased profits for the business.” Brent Cottle is especially grateful for the advice given by Jeremy when he was first looking to set up this new business with his son. “His recommendations were spot on,” he says.

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