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Industry training provider Integral Skills is reaping the benefits of choosing forklifts from Toyota’s range of refurbished equipment.

Based in Orange, NSW, Integral Skills purchased its first refurbished forklift 12 months ago, and director Matt Molloy was so happy with it he recently took delivery of a refurbished 2.5-tonne 8-Series 62-8FD25.

“Since we need them for training purposes we weren’t in the market for a brand new forklift, but when they arrived our refurbished models pretty much looked and operated as if they were brand new,” Mr Molloy said.

Toyota Material Handling Australia (TMHA) Orange branch manager Richard Bopping said the presentation of the Toyota forklifts was an important consideration for Integral Skills.

“The quality equipment and the professional image it conveys to their customers suits their business, and budget,” Mr Bopping said.

“They originally approached us regarding a second-hand forklift and we recommended a ‘business class’ refurbished one. I showed them a photo of one of our refurbished forklifts and they loved it, so I had it transported from Sydney to Orange and sure enough they were very happy with it.”

All of TMHA’s refurbished forklifts are selected from the ex-rental fleet and are subjected to a thorough checking process. Worn parts are replaced and the forklifts are stripped, washed and cleaned. Any damaged panels are replaced or repaired and repainted, and all receive new tyres and wheels.

“They end up looking so good that they are sometimes mistaken for new forklifts,” Mr Bopping said.

Mr Molloy said the first refurbished forklift has been moved to the scaffold yard while the latest arrival has replaced it in the forklift training course.

“The trainees love it. It presents really well and maintains the professional image we like to project,” he said.

“It’s easy for them to use, and they appreciate the improved forward vision and the cleanliness. When you look under the hood you can see all the components clearly – there’s no grease or dirt obstructing your view – so overall it’s really well presented.

“We also appreciate that it’s a late model forklift, so it’s similar to the newer machines the trainees are likely to use when they enter the workforce,” Mr Molloy said.

Integral Training’s forklift course is run once every fortnight on average, making it the company’s most popular.

In addition to forklifts Integral Skills offers a wide range of other industry training courses designed to prepare its clients to work with cranes, rigging, elevated work platforms, scaffolding and in confined spaces.

To accommodate its growing business Integral Skills moved to new, larger premises at the start of this year.

For further information on the Toyota Material Handling range, including its refurbished forklifts, freecall 1800 425 438, or visit the website at


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