Australian Earthmoving Magazine News: Australian Pumps claim another breakthrough in their drive for more efficient steam cleaning with the introduction of their new Admiral 4,000. The Admiral 4,000 is a heavy duty steam cleaner designed for serious applications as diverse as food processing, livestock production, construction, mining and heavy industry. cover per huawei p10 lite   Boasting a 7.5 kW, 4 pole heavy duty motor and a big triplex industrial pump, the unique new steamer offers a combination of 130°C steam married to a pressure of a powerful 4,000 psi pressure. cover custodia samsung   “Getting that extra 1,000 psi over the market standard, means much faster cleans and saves time, energy, labour, water and power” said Aussie Pumps Hamish Lorenz. iphone cover original   The machine is mounted on a heavy duty steel chassis with stainless steel cover. It features a wide range of protection devices that are aimed at providing the maximum convenience for the operator. These include Timed Total Stop, Auto Shut-down, Micro-leak Detection, and Low Fuel sensor with warning light.   “The pressures are set at 4,000 psi, and the operator has the ability to vary both pressure and temperature from the control panel” said Lorenz. This means an infinitely variable control of temperature from ambient (cold water) all the way through to 130°C. iphone cover outlet   “Most smart operators set the machine between 75° to 80°C” said Lorenz. “That’s the point at which you get the best combination of hot water and fuel consumption and is ideal for washing big plant like mining gear, trucks or tractors” he said.   The Admiral 4,000 represents a first for the cleaning industry. It is a move that is claimed by Australian Pump to put the company way ahead of the big European steam cleaner manufacturers.   The best news for earthmovers, transport operators, industry and farmers is that the new 4,000 psi Admiral is significantly less expensive than big brand European machines with plastic covers and around 3,000 psi pressure capability.   The triplex pump delivers a powerful 15 lpm flow. huawei custodia The machine comes with integrated detergent injection and is mounted on four big solid rubber wheels for ease of movement in factory, warehouse or workshop. cover custodia huawei   Australian Pump claim the new machine is the result of extensive market research. custodia huawei shop Customers indicated that they wanted to save electricity, water and most importantly labour, in their cleaning programme.

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