Australian Landscaping Magazine News: Himac Skid Steer Ripper attachments possess incredible strength that deliver literal ground breaking results every time. cover shop online The Ripper is a strong and reliable tool for ground preparation as well as creating effective fire breaks. Its high standard of build quality allows it to cope perfectly with tearing through the hardest earth. cover custodia huawei LITERALLY GROUND BREAKING Featuring an extreme duty design, the Himac Skid Steer Ripper can be used in forward and reverse operation as the tynes can be flipped with ease. custodia samsung s8 With a digging depth of up to 270mm, this attachment is a handy ripping tool that boasts affordability and efficiency. SIZES AND SUITABILITY Every Himac Skid Steer Ripper comes with universal mount fitted as standard so you can get straight to serious work. cover iphone custodia Himac also offer alternative mounts such as Toyota, ASV…etc. cover shop online There are three Ripper attachment models available, these include 3, 5, or 7 tynes. Depending on your machine size and application will determine which model you require. cover custodia samsung This attachment is designed for Skid Steers and Track Loaders, with a smaller 3 tyne model available for Mini Loaders. GET READY FOR FIRE SEASON The Himac Ripper is suitable for use all year round, but particularly ideal for creating fire breaks to prepare for fire season.

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