Australian Landscaping Magazine News: Contractors carrying out repair work such as digging out old clogged drains and replacing septic trenches are often confronted by worksites where access is minimal and the space for manoeuvring equipment is extremely limited. samsung custodia Similar conditions may be found on new residential constructions while carrying out trenching work involving stormwater, underground power and other services. Other common obstacles for excavators include carports and archways. cover iphone outlet On established properties, householders are also concerned that heavy machinery on their property may damage or interfere with lawns and gardens. Adrian Pansaru of Chillingham Mini Diggers in Northern New South Wales is typical of contractors who specialise in working with limited access and specialise in repairs and maintenance on older homes. iphone custodia outlet “It was critical for us to find a very compact machine that had the power to handle challenging digging and trenching work all day long, as well as the manoeuvrability to get between walls and fences. cover iphone outlet A compact machine was also a preferred choice as we often are clearing lines for fencing contractors who only need a metre of clearance for new fence construction, or for clearing walking paths in environmentally sensitive developments”, Adrian said. iphone cover outlet “In most situations once the excavator enters a narrow passageway, you can’t turn the machine around, making it essential to have a 90/90 degree boom swing, an exclusive feature that enables me to work on either side of the excavator when digging beside fences and house walls. “We started the business 15 years ago with a used Takeuchi TB007 mini excavator because I wanted to see how the business progressed before committing to a new machine. cover iphone 8 plus custodia outlet Happily, the excavator lived up to all my expectations, so when the later model TB108 was released it was an easy choice. “With a range of attachments including 200, 300 and 450 mm digging buckets, ripper and a 750 mm tilt bucket, auger drive and a rock breaker, we rarely come across a job we’re not equipped to handle. “Our policy is to trade on a new model at around 2,500 hours. custodia iphone outlet We are now on our fifth TB108 excavator which has again proved to be incredibly reliable. “As well is having the right tools for the job, equipment reliability is the key issue in ensuring work is completed on time and to our high quality standard to keep customers happy”, Adrian concluded.

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