Confidence in Aussie-made Bucket

Despite some stiff international competition, Keech has gained the endorsement of Australian miners using the innovative low-profile Wearpact® bucket edge system.

Keech Australia Regional and Export Sales Manager Mark Adams says the patented Wearpact® bucket edge system is designed to last longer and outperform other brands.

It’s multifunctional and can be fitted to both underground and surface loaders. Wearpact® will attach to buckets between 5m3 and 30m3 with up to a 15-blade bucket edge system. Wearpact® is used at almost 70% of Australian mine sites and is gaining popularity globally.

“We’re an Australian owned and operated company. We design the product, we make it and we sell it. We have over 75 years of experience designing and manufacturing innovative ground engaging tools,” said Mark.

Wearpact® has a Brinell Scale hardness in excess of 500. Mark says Keech Australia is one of only a handful of foundries in the world that is capable of successfully producing such a tough wear and impact resistant steel.

Wearpact® bucket edge systems have a wearaway weight of 70% before the product has to be replaced. “Most competitors’ products wearaway at 50%” said Mark.

Wearpact® not only protects the bucket, but also improves loader performance. “Wearpact® protects the bucket, reduces maintenance, reduces machine downtime and improves loader availability and reliability,” said Mark.

As an example of the benefits of Wearpact®, a mining company based in South Australia uses Wearpact® exclusively on its fleet of loaders. The decision to use Wearpact® has reaped financial rewards for the company, according to Mark. The mine has reduced its inventory from one spare bucket for every two loaders to a ratio of one spare bucket for four loaders.  “A bucket costs about $150,000, so reducing the required ratio is a major saving for any company. This mine and other mines know when they use Wearpact® they’re getting exceptional bucket longevity that’s up to 30% better than competitive products.”

“The low profile bucket edge system has been designed to be as low as 50 millimetres. The Wearpact® low profile system allows it to have better bucket penetration when mining,” said Mark. “Loaders fitted with the Wearpact® low profile bucket edge system aren’t working as hard as loaders fitted with other designs that can only go as low as 125 millimetres. As a result Wearpact® provides fuel cost savings for operators, better engine temperature control and reduces cycle times of loaders.”

The Wearpact® design also features a hammerless installation system. There’s also no welding required. “No company can afford or should have to suffer costly downtime because of replacing castings.  A Wearpact® change-out can be done in a matter of minutes not hours,” said Mark.

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