Keech solution overcomes costly downtime associated with pivot wear

Pivot wear has long been considered one of the most common and time consuming maintenance issues facing equipment operators in the mining, agriculture, industrial and rail sectors. However the Expander® System, distributed through Keech Australia, is changing the playing field, with a cost effective and long wearing solution to pivot wear.
The Expander System, which is suitable for both small and large pivot applications across a wide range of machinery and equipment, eliminates the need to weld and line bore worn pivots. Its release in the Australian market in December last year comes following 50,000 hours field testing which has seen the Expander System proving itself when it comes to reducing downtime and decreasing the lifecycle costs of machinery maintenance.
“Replacing traditional pivot systems is a time consuming and costly process,” explained Robert Everett, Keech Marketing Engineer.
“The process often takes days due to the fact that it’s often necessary to weld and line bore the lugs prior to fitting a replacement. Using the Expander System though, the new pivot is installed directly into the worn hole. When the fasteners are tightened, the tension washers press the slotted sleeves up the tapered ends of the pin axle and the sleeve expands to conform to the existing wear pattern.”
The system is available in all sizes and for all machinery types. Since its introduction in the United States 30 years ago, the Expander System has been fitted in more than 2,500 machinery makes and models.
Push Incorporated, a United States utility contractor specialising in telecommunications, electrical, municipal water, waste water and trenchless technologies, has been using the system for the past six years.

“I was continually line boring the swing frames for our fleet of 50 John Deere backhoes,” said the company’s Ray Wick.
“By eliminating the need to line bore, I save hours of labour and the Expander is much better quality than the OEM pins. I give the Expander a five star rating over the original pins.”
The Expander System can be retrofitted to virtually any machine with pivots; with its ease of installation is a standout feature. “It can usually be fitted on-site regardless of restrictions, and even in underground mining applications,” said Robert.
“Keech was selected as the Australian distributor due to our national network of sales staff, technical backup and our experience in mining, agriculture, construction and industrial markets,” said Robert.
“Across these markets segments, there’s been an overwhelmingly positive response to the system. Operators have been quick to recognize the Expander System as a cost effective and time conscious solution to overcoming one of the most common equipment maintenance issues,” said Robert.
The Expander System comes with a 10 year or 10,000 hour manufacturer warranty for peace of mind.
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