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Keech Wearpact™ system impresses Chilean mining contractors

Keech Wearpact™ system impresses Chilean mining contractors

A group of leading mining contractors in Chile’s copper and gold mines are reporting impressive results following trials of the Keech WearpactTM bucket edge system on a fleet of underground loaders being put to work. The trials, which are being undertaken by five contractors across the country, are at varying stages, following the commencement of […]

Confidence in Aussie-made Bucket

Despite some stiff international competition, Keech has gained the endorsement of Australian miners using the innovative low-profile Wearpact® bucket edge system. Keech Australia Regional and Export Sales Manager Mark Adams says the patented Wearpact® bucket edge system is designed to last longer and outperform other brands. It’s multifunctional and can be fitted to both underground […]


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